As you may have heard, Apple made some news recently by adding a new product to their line of devices, the Apple Watch. Wearable technology has been trending Apple Watchlately ever since fitness trackers like the FitBit and the Nike+ Fuelband became
popular and Apple has joined the market by providing a watch that pairs with your iPhone and allows you to access your apps, calendars and much more right on your wrist.

One of the exciting pieces to the Apple Watch is that app developers now have a chance to create new experiences for users to interact with. We are currently in the process of looking into developing a unique experience for OverDrive users but in the meantime you can use Apple’s “Now Playing” feature to use our app with your brand new Apple Watch! Simply open the app on your phone and start playing your audiobook of choice. Your iPhone and Watch are synced via Bluetooth meaning that you can then control your playback options right on your watch.

It’s never been easier to enjoy free audiobooks from your library and the Apple Watch provides an even more convenient way to access these titles.