Over the past year OverDrive has been dedicated to helping you maximize the value of your digital library by enabling you to dd5431cd08034326a0958084c99826f4_360offer your users a multi-media experience all on one platform. Your patrons can borrow eBooks and audiobooks as they’ve always been able to but now they can also stream their favorite movies and television shows as well as read their favorite newspapers and magazines daily on their devices anytime, anywhere as well. To help keep your staff up to speed on these new innovations we’re excited to present our next live webinar series- Expanding your digital collection.

We’re offering three live sessions from May 19th-26th where we will review the newest formats available for your OverDrive digital library, highlight the hottest titles from Marketplace and provide a live demonstration of the user experience.

These sessions are open to all of our library and school partners so be sure to register today to secure your spot. By offering your users reading, listening and viewing options all on one site you can help guarantee that their first stop for entertainment is the library. This is the perfect opportunity to familiarize your staff with the latest innovations available for your OverDrive service. Sign up today!