The Reader’s Advisory project collections, Book Club Picks and Fantastical Fairy Tales, are ready to Publish in the curation interface in OverDrive Marketplace! Boost circulation and reader engagement by publishing the collections to your site today.

Public your curated collection:

• In Marketplace, select the Shop drop-down menu and choose Switch to curate.* The curated collections landing page is displayed and, in the Draft collections section, you’ll find Book Club Picks and Fantastical Fairy Tales.

• Click on the collection title to open the draft, or put a check next to the draft, and select Publish Draft.

Note: The first time you publish a collection, you’ll be asked for your “curator details” (your name and title). You can always change your curator details by clicking the Update your Curator information link in the upper-right corner of the site.

• In the popup that opens, select where you’d like the collection to be published on your public-facing site.

• Once you’ve selected your location, select Publish to publish your collection.

Note: You may need to refresh your public-facing site after you publish a collection in order to see it added on your site.

Don’t forget to visit our Recommended Lists page for inspiration and take a look at the Marketplace User Guide for information on creating additional curated collections.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your OverDrive team (you can find the team members and their contact information in OverDrive Marketplace > Support tab in the right column).”

*”Library Site Admin” permission is required for Marketplace users to access the curation interface. For consortia, the curation interface is available at the consortium level only.