OverDrive Marketplace isn’t just for submitting purchases. For our library and school partners, it’s *the* destination for OverDrive resources. In Marketplace, you can browse the most extensive catalog of digital media available, create curated collections for your website, view statistics, assist users with troubleshooting, keep up with the latest news and sales on the News tab, and more.

CaptureAll of these resources extend across different departments and areas of expertise. So, in addition to all selectors and collection development staff, who at your library or school need usernames for Marketplace?

Reference librarians and subject matter experts: browse the catalog, review and build carts with “Create/view carts” permission, and curate collections for your site.

Technical staff: manage site features like Recommend to Library, and track site usage with Reports.

Catalogers: sign up for MARC records for your digital collection, and keep up with reports on the deliveries of MARC records.

Accounting: contact invoicing support via the Support tab and purchase content credit.

Support staff: use end-user support tools or contact OverDrive’s technical support and integration support team via the Support tab.

If you don’t yet have access to Marketplace, contact your library or school’s Marketplace administrator today. You’re also welcome to contact your Account Specialist for more information. Also, be sure to sign your staff up for our Marketplace Basics free webinar on June 16 to get everyone up to speed on how to improve the value of your collection.


Heather Valentine-Gold is an Account Specialist on the Library Partner Services Team with OverDrive.