{E04AA170-6886-47BB-A893-E586661D8B2F}Img400Love it or hate it, it’s hard to deny that Grey by E.L. James will be one of the biggest reads this summer. This book will appease avid fans while they wait for the next film’s release in 2017.

Grey revisits Christian and Ana’s love story from the point of view of Christian. In the previous books, Christian’s emotions are hard to read, but here, fans will love being able to see important moments from his perspective like the first time he meets Ana.

Readers will appreciate the new insight Christian provides, as well as the same steamy language that got people hooked the first time. With potential sequels on the way, this is not the last we’ll see of these characters.

Stock up on copies now as this is sure to be a high circing title for a long, long time! And for additional Fifty Shades of Grey Read-Alikes, click here.