If you are reading this, you are probably a lover of words. Written before you or broadcasted through you headphones, words matter to you. They matter to us too. Audiobooks may take a backseat to their shinier, newer eBook counterparts sometimes but they offer a world of possibilities eBooks can’t always compete with.

Audiobooks_1Maybe they’ll work for that little boy who can’t seem to connect with the characters in his assigned summer reading. Or they’ll help that truck driver on his long commutes across the country. They may work for the woman who’s eyes have gone bad from years of squinting at a computer and then later at home before bed, reading her favorite words. Or, they might make the girl writing this post smile because they remind her what it was like when her father read books aloud. It’s okay to love both. It’s what happens in that secret place inside your mind that makes reading, reading.

June is Audiobook Month and as it comes to an end, we want to help you promote your collection now and though out the year. On OverDrive’s Partner Portal you’ll find updated promotional Audiobook materials for schools and public libraries. Offered as a zip folder, you’ll find bookmarks, half and quarter sheets and even stickers to reach the different audiences visiting your digital collection.

Words matter. Reading matters. Reach all imaginations and highlight your Audiobook collection today.


Christina Samek is a Launch Specialist with OverDrive