Teachers-Lounge-Collections-AccessBack when I was a student, many moons ago, I believed the Teachers’ Lounge in my school to be filled with chocolate chip cookies and soft beds for naps. Because the door was always closed, I believed opening it led to Narnia-like magic. I have since learned that while it was very much an escape, there usually weren’t any cookies. It was, simply, a space for teachers.

OverDrive has borrowed that idea. We are happy to promote our ‘Teachers’ Lounge’, a tailored digital collection for teachers. It is a dedicated space within your OverDrive-powered website focused on your teachers’ needs. It features your professional development, adult-oriented materials and filters out your school’s juvenile and young adult content. It can be accessed via a special URL or the Collections of your OverDrive-powered website. Your teachers and faculty will find streamlined menu options along with a clean, modern design with applicable touts.

Teachers can sign into their accounts and borrow titles as normal from the Teachers’ Lounge – their bookshelf, holds, wish list and rated titles will always be the same, whether they sign in through the Teachers’ Lounge or the main website. And, if a teacher decides that they do want to check out a juvenile or young adult title, they can always navigate back to your full digital collection by selecting the Digital Library link in the top-left corner of the screen.

OverDrive Marketplace has tons of professional development content available to feature at your Teacher’s Lounge. We have must-have content from Corwin Press, ASCD, International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) and Jossey-Bass, to name a few.
Among those we offer these top titles:

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