Students at Napa Valley Unified School District’s (NVUSD) high schools in Napa and American Canyon, California, will be able to access their math textbooks digitally using iPads, Chromebooks or other devices, beginning this month for the 2015-2016 school year.  Thanks to a new partnership with OverDrive, the leading eBook and audiobook platform for schools, and Pearson textbooks, NVUSD students in grades 9-11 can access and use their Pearson CME textbooks from the same OverDrive platform that currently supports assigned novels, leisure reading, and other content from many top publishers.

“Students and teachers have already benefited from OverDrive’s streamlined access to resources for curriculum needs and we are looking forward to expanding our available resources to textbooks in a digital format,” said Kate MacMillan, Coordinator, Library and Digital Services for Napa Valley Unified School District.

As an early adopter of the OverDrive K-12 platform, NVUSD has been meeting students’ and educators’ needs with a custom combination of digital content for over two years. NVUSD staff selected digital books from millions of titles and thousands of publishers, which aligned with units of study and were compatible with all major devices, including the many Chromebooks purchased by the District.

You can see the full story in the press release here.