By Christina Samek, a Launch Specialist on the OverDrive School Partner Services team.

In life, there’s no such thing as an easy button. There’s no lightbulb overhead that indicates an idea is a good one. We are often putting stock into our instincts, following our dreams on a whim, leaping and hoping we land on safe ground. No one understands that better than the special people who work in schools. You are more than just media specialists, educators, coaches, nurses, etc.—you are the keeper of our children. You ARE the easy button. You ensure learning goes on, despite every obstacle thrown in your way.

We are here to say thank you for all you do, day in and day out. We’d love to give you an easy button but lack the proper resources (Magic?). We hope easier will work for now.

We want to help you easily reach students, educators and parents to ensure they are aware of your digital content and ways they could benefit from it this school year.

We know communication is key. Our School Resources page offers suggestions to reach the different audiences in your school community. You’ll find:

  • A brand new promotional video (shown above) you can embed and share on school hosted sites and social media or broadcast during morning announcements
  • Ready to print flyers
  • Fun graphics
  • Email templates, including a letter to parents and a staff memo
  • Brochures detailing why digital content is meaningful in today’s world for students AND educators
  • And more

Use these resources to get maximum exposure for your service and the most out of your investment.