By Adam Sockel, OverDrive’s Social Media Specialist.

Here at OverDrive it’s no secret that we love eBooks. They’re the best way to make sure you always have something to read anytime, anywhere. We also have a fairly substantial obsession with audiobooks though, and for good reason! Audiobooks are perfect for enjoying your favorite authors on the go when you don’t have time to sit down and read an eBook. In fact, there are numerous times when an audiobook is the perfect solution for taking the library with you:

  • Multitasking at work: Everyone knows that there are parts of any job that are a bit mindless. Whether its sorting through spreadsheets, filing away papers or deleting emails there are some tasks that we do so often that we can do them with some background noise. What better way to pass the time then by enjoying an audiobook like you would music or a podcast
  • 2e50fdf60791467585efd355ad6d489cWorking Out: I’m a big fan of distance running. Most weekends you’ll find me on a road, path or trail continuously putting one foot in front of the other. For me, it’s a form of stress relief. Others may hate the idea of working out but we’ve had lots of folks tell us that the best way to pass that necessary time is by enjoying an audiobook. We’ve even shared a story about a library user who brings his audiobooks with him in the pool!
  • Make traffic not suck (so much): Sitting in traffic is rough. You’re angry and probably fairly tired. Instead of listening to traffic updates confirm that, yes, you are still sitting there; try enjoying an engrossing story by using an audiobook and the Bluetooth through your car speakers. You might not start to like traffic but you’ll hate it a little less.
  • Give your eyes a rest before bed: I’ve seen the studies that say you shouldn’t look at screens before you sleep. Honestly, it’s never bothered me but if you do find your eyes getting fatigued simply put your headphones in and set the sleep timer on your OverDrive app.
  • Help young readers: Audiobooks are an excellent way to help young readers learn sentence structure, grammar and get excited about books. Audiobooks are also incredibly helpful for ESL students as a language learning tool Additionally, audiobooks offer parents a break from listening to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat in the car.
  • Start to enjoy chores: Cooking, cleaning, laundry, yardwork, vacuuming, walking the dog; all activities that are necessary in a household but admittedly not the most exciting. I now honestly enjoy cleaning and cutting the grass because I know I’ll have some time to enjoy my audiobooks.


How else do you use audiobooks? What are some of your favorite?