Adam Sockel is OverDrive’s Social Media Specialist.

fc5e4ec546bd4d87a1a31e0e34b821a5We mentioned a few times how great curated collections are. They let you decide what to show off in your digital library site and they help circulate titles that may need some love. But “ugh”, it’s hard to come up with ideas for those collections! Let us help! Here are some ideas that you can put together quickly to show off all your collection and increase those checkouts.

Bake it off! – Winter is coming (sorry…) Instead of being sad that the sun might be hibernating for longer than Punxsutawney Phil let’s celebrate the holidays with cook books and make baking champions out of your users. If you need to add some new cook books to put this together just checkout our Cooking and Food Pinterest board.

Pick a winner! – Grab all the recent award winners and nominees like the National Book Award Finalists, Man Booker finalists, Nebula Award winners or any other celebrated titles and form on super collection of great titles for your users to pick from.

Books that Go Bump in the Night Halloween is next week which makes this the perfect time to feature some of your spooky reads!

Read-Along to keep your kids occupied! – We all love story time but every now and then you can’t find a free minute to sit down with your little ones. Share these great interactive and narrated OverDrive Read-Along titles with your readers. Kids are sure to love them.

The books we all claim to have read – Admit it. We all say we’ve read the classics but how many of your readers actually got all the way through Tom Sawyer or that Faulkner book they were supposed to read in college? Show off those classic titles and let them discover these stories for real this time, sans cliff notes!

Coming Soon – Put your pre-pub titles together in one place so your users can hop on the waiting lists early. This also will let you determine if you should add more copies of titles depending on how many people get in line.


Audiobooks to keep you on the treadmillWorking out in the winter is tough especially if you’re a runner like me. We surrender our trail runs and scenic jogs for running in place staring at a wall. Audiobooks help keep me motivated and they’ll do the same for your patrons. Pick some of your more exciting audiobooks (or narrators!) to help keep your workout fiends dedicated to the dreadmill!

Staff Picks – Ask your staff for their reading recommendations. Who better to get book advice from than librarians?

#PageToScreen – Sometimes it’s best to not overthink things. People love reading books they’ve heard about and the books becoming movies are certain to be in the news. Feature these titles so all your users can say “The book was better.”

Books from a galaxy far, far away – Hey did you know Star Wars has a new movie coming out!?!? I kid. Of course you do because you’re on the internet. What you might not have known is we have countless Star Wars titles from novelizations to graphic novels to Read-Alongs perfect for all ages. These books are sure to circ like crazy this winter. It’s not a trap.

Judgement free reads – It’s no secret that eBook readers love romance novels. Stats show it even if they don’t want to admit it. Bring those books together in a fun curated collection! You might not have anyone admit they’re borrowing them but they’ll be checked out!


#WeNeedDiverseBooks – I’m sure you’re aware but this is a popular movement dedicated to making sure young readers are seeing the world through different authors’ eyes. Bring your diverse books together in one collection or, if you find your lacking a bit, add these awesome titles to your collection!

Need more suggestions? Well you’re in luck because we’ve got tons for you to check out. And if that’s not enough, you can always contact your Collection Development Specialist. They’d love to help you get creative!

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