The curated collections, Holiday Reads for Adults and Holiday Reads for Kids & Teens, are ready for you to Publish in the curation interface in OverDrive Marketplace! Boost circulation and reader engagement by publishing the collection to your site today.

ReadAlikes_HolidayReadsKids_504x504Publish your curated collection

  • In Marketplace, find your curation interface under the Shop drop-down menu. The curated collections landing page is displayed and, in the Draft collections section, you’ll find “Holiday Reads Adult” and Holiday Reads Kids & Teens”.
  • Click on the collection title to open the draft, or put a check next to the draft, and select Publish Draft or Save Collection (depending on your view in Marketplace).

Note: The first time you publish a collection, you’ll be asked for your “curator details” (your name and title). You can always change your curator details by clicking the Update your Curator information link in the upper-right corner of the site.

  • In the popup that opens, follow the prompts to publish your collection to the desired location on your public-facing site.

ReadAlikes_HolidayReadsAdult_504x504Note: It may take several minutes before your curated collections show on your public-facing site.

Don’t forget to visit our Recommended Lists page for inspiration and take a look at the Marketplace User Guide for information on creating additional curated collections. Contact your Account Specialist with any questions.

*”Library Site Admin” permission is required for Marketplace users to access the curation interface. For consortia, the curation interface is available at the consortium level only.