By Jill Grunenwald, Librarian, Collection Development Analyst and host of the Professional Book Nerds podcast.

Hi everyone! I’m Jill, one of OverDrive’s Collection Development Analysts. I’m also a librarian, as are the rest of the awesome Analyst team. We’re the ones who work closely with your Collection Development Specialist building carts, curating collections, creating those great Recommended Lists, and so much more.

Suffice it to say, we Analysts read a ridiculous amount of books on a regular basis, to the point that we often joke that our official title should be Professional Book Nerds. But as much as we love reading books, it’s possible that we enjoy talking about books even more. Of course, it’s no fun if we just keep these discussions in house so we decided to share the conversation by starting a podcast that we, naturally, have titled the Professional Book Nerds podcast.

Each episode will feature me as your host and I’ll be joined by two of my fellow staff librarians and/or other OverDrive staff members (when you’re in the book business you tend to attract readers!). We’ll talk about titles we’ve recently read or are currently reading, offer personalized book recommendations, and discuss all the forthcoming titles we’re looking forward to.

In our very first episode, I’m joined by my fellow staff librarians Emma and Rachel K. and you can listen in as we uncover the literary connection between Patti Smith and J.K. Rowling, offer some titles for your next Book Club and provide our favorite narrative non-fiction picks.

Whether you are a librarian, a regular OverDrive user, or just someone who likes books, the Professional Book Nerds podcast will help you find your next great read.

To keep up to date with us, subscribe in iTunes or the podcast app of your choice and, if you like what you hear, consider writing a review in iTunes. Be sure to also follow OverDrive on Twitter and Facebook because soon we’ll be able to offer YOU a personalized reading recommendation on the podcast.

Happy reading and happy listening!