By Liz Tousey, Librarian and Collection Development Analyst with OverDrive.

Many of us are, or know someone who is, the kind of reader who hates to be left hanging in a series. We hear from friends and colleagues about the agony and ecstasy of an amazing book in a series, which ended on a cliffhanger and left them dying for the next installment, and we think to ourselves, “Nope.” We add the book(s) to our To Read lists, and think to ourselves, “Not yet.” We are the “Wait Patientlys”. We patiently wait for a series to end so that, if we so choose, we can knock out every book in a row like a set of dominoes. No stopping, no waiting, no agony- just pure reading gratification.

So we here at OverDrive have made a list for you and your users of popular series that concluded this year. Use it to fill in any series gaps you may have, and let people know that their binge-reading can now commence! Tell all of the Wait Patientlys you know that there are now plenty of [new to them] book series they can choose from, and they won’t be left waiting.

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