By Jill Grunenwald, librarian, OverDrive Collection Development Analyst, and host of the Professional Book Nerds podcast

As host of the Professional Book Nerds podcast I am, of course, always excited to share a new episode with our listeners but this one I am particularly excited about because our reader recommendations segment includes recommendations for some of our Twitter followers! Since the inception of this podcast that has been our goal, so to finally be in a position to offer those recommendations is super exciting and if you aren’t already following us on Twitter or Facebook you should start so you’ll be all ready the next time we put a call out.

In this episode I’m joined by Sheila and Adam, who was on our fourth episode interviewing Dutch writer Marieke Nijkamp, author of the new book This Is Where It Ends. The interview was recorded live at ALA Midwinter and in today’s episode Sheila goes over some of the top award winners to come out of the conference.

Along with the previously mentioned reader recommendations we discuss books we’ve recently finished reading and all those forthcoming titles that have us excited. We also spend some time remembering the late great David Bowie and Alan Rickman (it was a tough week at the OverDrive offices and I may have been wearing my Slytherin hoodie when we recorded this episode last Friday. #sorrynotsorry).

Also, we have a new logo!

All available titles mentioned in today’s episode can be found here and also in Marketplace for our library partners interested in adding them to their collections.