By Adam Sockel, OverDrive’s Social Media Specialist

As we’ve previously shared, OverDrive’s theme for 2016 is Create Reading Happiness. Our goal is to help libraries continue their mission to create as many happy readers as possible by being one of the many outstanding aspects of the library’s offerings. We believe what’s most important is that people use their library to connect with books and authors as often as possible, regardless of how they choose to read.

Because February is traditionally thought of as a month of romance, we want to dedicate it to “falling in love with your library.” The library is a place that readers can discover a new author, get help updating a resume, share in story time or book club and even get assistance building business reports and presentations. Of course, you can access your library’s digital collection of titles anytime, anywhere but the librarians who work in your physical branch can also offer reader’s advisory, community programs and so much more.

Librarians work tirelessly every day to create reading happiness by sharing their knowledge of the book world, promoting titles perfect for each reader, and making sure there’s always a format for any type of user. This month, be sure to stop by your local library and rediscover that feeling hat made you start reading in the first place. We’re thankful for the librarians we get to work with everyday. You’re the reason we fell in love with the library and continue to do so every time we borrow a new book.