By Emma Kangaki, Librarian and Collection Development Analyst at OverDrive

The marriage thriller novel is alive and well for 2016! If you’re a fan of The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison or The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, then you will enjoy the debut effort from Fiona Barton called The Widow.

Jean appears to be a normal, English housewife, but there is a lot she’s been keeping back ever since her husband was accused of a horrible crime. After enduring years of media attention and the criminal justice system’s idiosyncrasies, Jean’s husband is dead. And there is nothing (and no one) to keep Jean quiet anymore.

The novel is told from various perspectives that are close to the investigation: a reporter named Kate, the head detective, Bob, the widow herself, Jean, as well as a few others. Jean is an unreliable narrator that is just as interesting to read about as her potentially criminal husband.

Barton’s experience and background with journalism shows with the in-depth detail she provides of the inner workings of newspapers and media outlets that latch on to crimes with their catchy headlines and dramatic prose.

This is an engaging, thrilling book that is best enjoyed snuggled up with a hot cup of coffee! It’s perfect for reading on a cozy winter weekend.

This book is available as book an eBook and an audiobook.

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