On Sunday, OverDrive released v3.5.2 of our iOS app, which resolves some of the issues that users encountered after upgrading to v3.5 in early February. This new version also includes:

  • 11205967_10153429368381942_8688969669185422148_nDisplaying “Part x of y” in the audiobook player (added back based on user feedback)
  • More specific and helpful error messaging, especially for issues with Adobe eBooks
  • A new web view for iOS 8 and 9 that includes a loading bar for library websites and improves performance and stability
  • Other performance improvements and bug fixes, including a fix for remembering library cards

    Note: Users may need to enter their library card one more time, but the app will then remember it moving forward.

We appreciate your patience as our team worked through these issues. If you have any questions, please contact Support via OverDrive Marketplace, or contact your OverDrive Account Specialist.