By Adam Sockel, Social Media Specialist and co-host of the Professional Book Nerds

OD_PBN_IconRecently we had the opportunity to speak with Taya Kyle, the widow of Chris Kyle who wrote the #1 New York Times best selling book American Sniper, which was chosen as the next Big Library Read. During our exclusive podcast interview, Taya shared her experiences during their emotional life while Chris was serving overseas as well as dealing with their family transition when he returned. You can listen to the full interview on the Big Library Read website to learn about the Chris Kyle you won’t meet in the pages of American Sniper.

The Big Library Read program kicks off March 17th when OverDrive users around the world will be able to share in the experience of reading and listening to American Sniper at the same time without any wait lists or holds. We’ve created a “global book club” by creating a discussion board at where readers can share their thoughts about the book as well as the conversation we had with Taya.

You can hear more author interviews like this and get reading recommendations every week by subscribing to the Professional Book Nerds podcast in iTunes, Stictcher or any other app you listen to podcasts on. Thank you again to Taya for speaking with us and we hope you enjoy American Sniper as a part of the Big Library Read program.