The Audiobook SYNC program is a yearly event put on by OverDrive and Audiofile magazine that helps users both young and old discover great audiobook content. Each week from May 5 through August 17 you can download two audiobooks to your devices completely for free. Each pair of titles that you download is yours to keep and are themed to match a classic title with a similar new one. These titles can be enjoyed by using the OverDrive app on any device.


synchead-150x150The SYNC program is designed to introduce the listening experience to the teen audience and demonstrate that required reading can be completed by listening. Audiobooks can help with knowledge retention and enable listeners to read even when they’re on the go. Listeners of all ages will love the titles in the Sync program.

On Thursday, April 21, OverDrive will host two live webcasts for our library and school partners to further introduce the program. With the continued discussions of the “Summer Slide,” SYNC helps to keep teens engaged and stimulated throughout the summer and public librarians have successfully used SYNC as part of their summer reading programs.Register to attend this special webcast to learn more!