By: Kristin Milks, Librarian and OverDrive Collection Development Analyst.

The season is a-changing and with it (unless you’re in Australia *hashtag sorry*) comes warm weather, cool nights and the promise of outdoor reading time. But what’s that you say? You must travel for work/weddings/vacation? How ever will you get through your summer reading list? AUDIOBOOKS!

Look, I’m a big fan of the CD Book. There’s nothing quite like nearly running off the road while desperately trying to pop in the next disk of your book because you “HAVE TO KNOW IF IT WAS THE HUSBAND ALL ALONG”. Thankfully here at OverDrive, we’re super into the convenience of eAudio. Here are some of our reasons you should be traveling with a library on your devices.

1. It’s creating safer road ways

Seriously though it’s a lot easier to plug your device into your car or use blue-tooth than to change a disk out every hour. Other drivers will thank you for not running into them.

2. Car rides/plane rides are BORING

I drive from Cleveland to Chicago a lot, and although I love the Midwest, it is not a grandiose landscape to stare at for 6 hours. There’s nothing like a great story to make time fly (or drive) by.

3. Kids (I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids today)

If you’re a librarian, you’ve most likely done some readers advisory for family friendly audio. There is a great reason for that: sanity. Do you want to listen to 100 rounds of 99 Bottles of Juice on the Wall? No you don’t because you don’t hate yourself. Audiobooks are a cure for childhood boredom and one in which the whole family can participate. Also, there are some really amazing juvenile and young adult titles out there that everyone will enjoy. Or get your kid’s summer required reading out of the way by listening to it together. You’ll know they completed the assignment, it kills two birds with one stone and you can discuss it with them so they have a better understanding.

4. No Communication

There’s only so much small talk a person can make. One of the beautiful things about audiobooks is that you aren’t allowed to talk through them or you’ll miss parts! So gently shush the person sitting next to you and tell them you really can’t wait to discuss this book with them later, but it’s quiet time right now. This is even better on an airplane because you can let the stranger next to you know that you need to concentrate on your book. Avoiding conversation is just the best!

So whether you are driving, flying, riding the rails or hoverboarding make sure you download some audiobooks for your travels. Oh and librarians, make sure you curate some stellar collections of audio for easy brows-ability.