By: Todd Warhola, Librarian and OverDrive Collection Development Analyst.


OD_QuickStart_LogoThe K-5 QuickStart package is a great way to get going on an eBook collection for your K-5 school library. The package is made up of 200 titles including Read-Alongs and includes a custom website built for your school. There is no need for an app to be downloaded in order to access this collection and best of all the titles are all simultaneous use which means everyone has access to everything all the time. If an entire classroom wants to read My Cousin, the Alien by Pamela F. Service, no problem. They all can simultaneously.

I’m the dad of a 2 year old and I love children’s books. The simultaneous use aspect of this package is wonderful because while my daughter does love books, she does not love waiting. While I’m constantly looking for titles to read to her today, I’m always on the prowl for books she can read in the future. This package includes many of my favorite children’s titles, too many to cover really, but I wanted to share the highlights.

Capture50 Below Zero by Robert Munsch, a story about a sleep walking dad who wanders out in the snow, is a real delight. While it may be a smidge over my daughter’s head in terms of reading level, she loves it anyway. The pictures are beautifully rendered and the hilarious story of Jason’s, the sleep walker’s son, struggles is communicated no matter what age the child.

Twelve Minutes to Midnight by Christopher Edge is a book I look forward to my daughter reading in the future. If you have a current sixth grader, this is the book for them. This series follows Penelope Tredwell as she solves mysteries in Victorian Great Britain.

Fly Frenzy by Ali Sparkes is a wonderful sequel in the S.W.I.T.CH. Series. It follows Danny and Josh as they turn into flies in order to find out who has been destroying their mother’s garden. Kids love changing shape and they love bugs! I don’t know how this could go wrong.