Summer is traditionally when Hollywood rolls out its blockbuster movies. The big budget, tent pole films we all enjoy with a bucket of buttery popcorn and a smile on our face. While we fill the theaters to laugh, cry and be endlessly entertained, there’s a fun connection most of these movies have to the literary world. They’re overwhelmingly adaptations of great books. In fact, there are over 100 of these “page to screen” titles in development to become movies as we speak.

graphic1This makes for a perfect promotion opportunity for libraries as nearly all of these books can be purchased in OverDrive Marketplace. We’ve even created a collection of some of our favorites that you can promote by adding Readbox samples on your blogs and library websites. You can also quickly and easily create curated collections of staff favorite #PageToScreen books to promote on your OverDrive digital library. Why not raise awareness of these titles by hosting a movie night at the library? Print off some materials from our Resource Center and have them on hand to promote your digital collections to families that attend.

This is also a great time to purchase and feature some of our great streaming video content as well. Once you purchase some videos in Marketplace, use our marketing materials around your DVD collection let users know they can get digital content anytime, anywhere.

Here at OverDrive, we’re big fans of Page to Screen adaptations. In fact, we did a whole podcast episode discussing some of our favorite ones. Naturally, we always prefer the books so why not create a summer reading digital book club where you read the book, watch the movie and then discuss the difference amongst your library users? It keeps your readers (and viewers!) connected to the library and is a fun way to show off the various kinds of content you have available.