By: Annie Suhy, Librarian and OverDrive Collection Development Analyst.

It’s smack dab in the middle of the dog days of summer for most of us over here in the northern hemisphere. We’re tired. We’re lazy. We want ice cream, and while you’re at it, a list of the best upcoming books to read as we bask in the air-conditioned breeze of our living rooms. Here at OverDrive, we can’t promise the ice cream, but we can deliver the latest editions of eHighlights–a compilation of the hottest titles based on media coverage, print run, reviews, plus a few books we think are just great.

This month, the Adult September edition is full of pre-orders you need to stock up on for your patrons, including:
• Carl Hiaasen’s Razor Girl
• Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth
• Harlan Coben’s Home
• Karin Slaughter’s The Kept Woman
• James Patterson’s Woman of God

To round out your collection, we’ve also added the following new editions: Comics, Graphic Novels & Manga, Indie, and Kids & Teens Summer. Find the best new manga we’ve added recently (Naruto, anyone?), an obscure indie hit (you must check out Apples by Roger Yepsen–an elegant book of our favorite fruit!), or the latest in the fast-growing kids & teens genre (we might mention a little book being released this month about some guy named Harry).

As always, if you have questions, comments, or suggestions for our Staff Librarians who read, research, and review all the books for eHighlights every month, feel free to send us an email.