By: Adam Sockel, Social Media Specialist and co-host of the Professional Book Nerds

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fc5e4ec546bd4d87a1a31e0e34b821a5As you may have heard, OverDrive has a podcast called the Professional Book Nerds. Each week, we offer up two episodes, one of which is an author interview and the other one is a conversation among OverDrive’s staff where we discuss the books we’ve been reading and the pre-release that we’re excited about. Each of these episodes are based around a specific genre or theme and you can find every title discussed in the episode’s information page as well as on our reading list (updated weekly) and our Pinterest board.

If you’re looking for curated collection ideas for your digital library be sure to check out the following episodes full of great ideas:

Books for Reluctant Readers
It’s no secret that young males are traditionally the trickiest demographic to get on board with reading. To that end, three of Team OverDrive’s males discussed the books that got them to start reading and offered suggestions of titles perfect for young users who say they don’t like books. Some ideas brought up included promoting Read-Alongs with characters your readers already know as well as using graphic novels and comics.

Punny Cozy Mysteries
Back by popular demand, our Murder/Mystery librarians recently came together to share their favorite thrillers and suspenseful recent reads. They also provide a long list of amazing cozy mystery titles, many of which come from popular series with wonderfully pun-tastic title names.

Dystopia for days
The subgenre of dystopian novels have long been popular across all ages and genres. Whether the dystopia has been caused by famine, disease, aliens or a shadowy government these titles come in all forms, shapes and sizes. On our recent dystopian episode we went through some of our favorites and even dove into what makes these stories so captivating. The nice thing about dystopian books is you can curate collections in multiple genres for both adult and young adult readers alike.

Need a laugh?
It’s no secret that digital audiobooks are more popular than ever. A personal favorite style of audiobooks of the Professional Book Nerds are comedic audiobooks. More specifically, we love audiobooks narrated by our favorite comedians and actors. Nothing is better than listening to your favorite funny people tell jokes and stories for hours on end while you giggle uncontrollably. Call them “Audiobooks to make you laugh” or even “Audiobooks for your next road trip” but regardless of how you curate these they’re sure to have your users rolling with laughter.