teen boy library ebookBy: Christina Samek, OverDrive Marketing Specialist.

Technology has become as essential as water. In the modern world, it’s a non-negotiable in how we manage our daily lives, an unseen force that is *everywhere*. As educators and administrators, you are acutely aware of technology’s benefits. It enhances how you teach, communicate, and shape your curriculum. It allows you to cast a wide net and touch each member of your school community—parents, educators, and most importantly, students. Good technology should push the limits of your students’ learning capacity. Good technology should ultimately make your students better students. But how do you talk to your students about technology? How do you stay conscious of their digital citizenship and the far reaching impact technology will have on their lives?

You take a deep breath. And you start with eBooks.

eBooks support your current curriculum

When introducing technology, educators don’t want to spend the majority of their class time navigating between desks to ensure each student has the right information, the right page, the right…anything! We make it easy to talk to your students about eBooks. OverDrive’s custom school platform allows for a quick introduction and most importantly, a quick launching pad into individualized reading. Because it’s reading, you aren’t introducing a new skill into your classroom, you are enhancing an already necessary skill.

eBooks are an excellent, approachable gateway into a lifelong relationship with technology. A tool that fosters reading—a skill essential to success in any subject—is good technology. OverDrive’s catalog provides thousands of titles to choose from, whether it’s for your beginning readers or those preparing for college. We provide service to the full K-12 space. Our eBooks are easy to use and come equipped with key features such as an exportable note-taking and highlighting tool, a built-in dictionary, and a dyslexic font. We can serve your high achievers and your struggling readers on the same, easy-to-use platform. We connect to your existing systems to ensure your students access our eBooks using the same credentials they use every day. For the youngest students, we have **Simple Login** which allows a group of students to use the same easy-to-remember login ID for a preset window of time (no software, no device registration, no worries).

OverDrive helps you individualize the learning experience

Reading is at the core of what you’ve been teaching all along. English/Language Arts, History, and yes, even Mathematics. Great reading comprehension lends itself to all facets of your curriculum. The benefit of digital reading allows your students to absorb content at their own pace. Your high achievers can push forward without worry they’ll be judged for wanting to. Your struggling readers can take their time and utilize the built-in tools to increase their comprehension, without worrying they’ll be judged for lagging behind. It’s simple, built-in differentiated instruction. Learning behind a screen creates an innate sense of privacy. It lets your students explore their learning capacity on a device like a SmartPhone or tablet, some of their first and most familiar learning tools in today’s world.

Start talking to your students about eBooks. Start talking to your team about how to integrate eBooks into your classroom. We have class sets available for any budget. We have audiobooks, too, because reading is reading. We have dedicated analysts to help you build a content list to match all of your curriculum needs. We have time to help.

Make eBooks the first dip into the waters of integrating technology in your classrooms. Start with reading, because, didn’t we all?