OverDrive is proud to offer digital reading platforms for schools, libraries, colleges, and corporations. In every segment we serve, we offer a reading solution for every kind of reader. Whether you’re a teacher, parent or student, OverDrive is for you.

Digital content demands access. OverDrive is easy to use, a central platform tailored to your district’s needs compatible with every major device, including laptops, Chromebook™, Kindle® (U.S. only), iPhone®, iPad® and Android™. Whether it’s 1:1 or BYOD, schools offering OverDrive have had great success with dramatically increasing reading rates, both in pleasure reading and curricular use.

OverDrive for all types of learners

Not only does OverDrive offer reading solutions for everyone in your family, the unique benefits of eBooks and audiobooks serve more specific student populations. Audiobooks and ReadAlongs help English Language Learners practice their skills efficiently and playfully. Not to mention the obvious usefulness of audiobooks for students with visual challenges. Our dyslexic font makes it easier for readers with processing challenges to access the books that might otherwise pose issues in print.

There are interesting privacy issues that we support as well. eBooks don’t have a cover, so students can feel comfortable exploring topics they’d rather not advertise to teachers and peers. Struggling and accelerated readers can read or listen at their own pace, without worry about judgement of working ahead or working toward grade level. The student gains agency with the personalized learning plans possible with eBooks, following their interests and working within their unique learning style.

Access, discoverability and representation

Then there is the benefit of over 2 million titles, far beyond what a typical school library can offer in print. School libraries often stock common titles and might lack a catalog of books deep enough to serve the representational needs of the modern student population. Discovering more diverse eBooks, students will more easily see themselves in characters and narratives, further spurring both their love of reading and engagement in the learning process overall.