National Redhead Day is Saturday, November 5, 2016. We asked a few of the redheads (READheads? Let’s get this trending.) on the OverDrive team about their favorite literary gingers. When you’re done with this Redhead Reading list, check out these fun facts about gingers.

Anne Shirley

national redhead day 2016 literary gingerAnne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables is my favorite literary ginger of all time. I always admired her quirky personality and knack for getting into trouble. My grandmother bought the book for me when I was young, and together we would read of Anne’s crazy adventures. This is the first book that really sparked an interest in reading for me, and I have been hooked ever since.
Sarah, Collection Specialist


My favorite redhead in literature is Anne of Green Gables. I’m pretty sure I read all of the books in the series in one summer! My grandparents even visited the Green Gables house on Prince Edward Island and brought me back a doll since I was so obsessed.
Judy, Marketing and Events Specialist



hadie-croppedLittle Orphan Annie’s character is one that I connected with from a very young age. So innocent living in a very corrupt world, it was Annie’s attitude that I was always drawn to. Full of spunk, generosity, compassion and optimism, this character stuck with me. From the comic strips to the book to the Broadway musical, I’ve enjoyed it all and still use “Leapin Lizards” to this day.
Hadie, Communications Manager



carrie-croppedThere’s so much to love about Madeline’s world – the comforting routine of twelve little girls who leave the house in two straight lines every day at half past nine (rain or shine), the fantasy of living at boarding school with your friends (in Paris!), the charming rhymes and illustrations, and most of all, the boldness and bravery of the smallest girl, redheaded Madeline. I remember having my parents read the Madeline books to me when I was also a small redhead, and later re-reading them myself and checking whether my plush Madeline doll had the promised appendectomy scar (she did). Revisiting Madeline as an adult, I see that she still has all the charm and spunk that made me love her 20+ years ago. I watched some “New Adventures of Madeline” streaming videos in Marketplace and they’re really good!
Carrie, Technical Writing Manager


Fred and George Weasley

national redhead day 2016 weasley literaryAlthough I’m more of a strawberry-blonde than a redhead, I’m still partial to literary gingers. My favorites are Fred and George Weasley. It’s hard not to love crafty pranksters who are always in cahoots. I love how, even when they were being awfully bad, the twins always stood up for good. Their practical jokes added so much humor to the Harry Potter series and their family loyalty was fierce. I’m still not over the Battle of Hogwarts.
Tiffany, Account Specialist


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