By: Bethany Porter, Analyst.

November is both Family Literacy Month and Picture Book Month, one of my favorite hidden holiday treasures. Here’s a list of some humorous read-aloud that have been released in the past two years. Share these with your child who likes to read (or with an adult – picture books can be enjoyed by all ages), and enjoy!

hoot-owlHoot Owl, Master of Disguise – Sean Taylor
Hoot Owl is hungry, and knows that the easiest way to catch some dinner is to devise a really great costume. Children will giggle about this bumbling owl, who ultimately finds a dinner that is incredibly satisfying.

The Day the Crayons Came Homecrayons-quit
If you have been keeping an eye on the picture book scene over the past few years, you may have noticed the sensational The Day the Crayons Quit. Readers will be delighted to learn more about Duncan through his colorful friends’ postcards.

There’s a Lion in My Cornflakes
Two brothers spend a year’s worth of allowance on cornflakes to collect enough coupons for their free lion. Eric and Dan set out on a much more involved (and comical) adventure than they were expecting. What to elephant-footDo if an Elephant Stands on Your Foot is another of Michelle Robinson’s hilarious books.

Stick and Stone
This is a feel-good title about friendship and bullying. Stick notices that pinecone is picking on Stone, and Stick sticks up for stone. This book is just as adorable and pun-filled as it sounds.

Gator Dad
There haven’t been too many books about father-child relationships on my radar lately, but this book fits the bill perfectly. Children will be able to relate to the fun and sweet times shared with dad, and parents will appreciate the beautiful illustrations. This book will inspire you to build a pillow fort with your child and snuggle up with a good book. If you’re looking for a book showcasing both parents, Pete the Cat’s Rock on Mom and Dad will be an instant winner.

I Will Chomp You!chomp-you
Kids will enjoy responding to this fierce little dinosaur as he tries to CHOMP them away from the back of the book. Jory John, the author of the equally funny Goodnight Already! and Quit Calling Me a Monster, is a master at creating semi-interactive and engaging storybooks.

A Squiggly Story
This book may be better suited to Kindergartners and older, but if you’re looking for something to spark creativity and love of writing, look no further.

It’s Only Stanley
This little beagle is a pro at keeping his humans up all night. Follow along with this family as they become progressively more annoyed by their dog’s howling, clanking, blubbing, buzzing, and splish-splashing.

Poor Little Guy
This is a delightful story about an adorable little fish who looks like an easy snack, but who isn’t quite what he seems.

not-so-quiet-libraryThe Not So Quiet Library
This former children’s librarian loves libraries, and was extremely excited to see a few new releases about these wonderful places. Oskar and Theodore go to the library with dad, where they meet a hungry monster who has just discovered that books taste terrible. What tastes better than books? Oskar and Theodore, of course! This is a heartfelt story about love of libraries and everything they offer. (I do not, however, endorse using a library as a “nap department,” as Oskar’s dad does).

Splat the Cat and the Late Library Book is another great book that shows an appreciation for libraries. The plus side of reading this as an eBook is that you won’t collect any library fines!

Which excellent picture books am I missing? Let me know in the comments.