As technology continues to advance on all fronts, the world is becoming a smaller place. A trip across the globe used to take months but now we don’t even need to leave our desks to connect with business partners twelve time zones away. If we do choose to travel to international locations, you can be almost anywhere on Earth within one day’s travel time. From a business standpoint, this makes the ability to speak another language a massive advantage for any employee. Thanks to OverDrive’s partnership with Pimsleur, providing language learning tools through the library to your users has never been easier.

Pimsleur Language LearningWhen people aspire to learn an additional language for work or pleasure, they expect to spend large sums purchasing language learning software or using their free time attending classes. By adding the Pimsleur Digital content to your digital collection, however, you can make your library the perfect solution for users, allowing them to learn a new language for free and on their own time. In Marketplace you’ll find lessons and programs available for Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek and numerous other languages.

A great curation idea to help further the learning experience is to add content in the same languages you’ve purchased your Pimsleur content in. Additionally, You can add OverDrive’s multilingual interfaces to your website at no additional charge, providing users a fully immersed digital learning and reading experience.

Libraries often provide community members valuable programs like resume building, educational seminars and providing technologies to create business proposals. Now, by adding Pimsleur digital titles to you OverDrive website you can add even more value to the library by providing anytime, anywhere language learning capabilities to your entire community.