reading over winter breakThere will be no shortage of snowball fights, visitors and other fun distractions over the holiday break from school.

Kids will probably try to keep up with all the attention-grabbing mayhem, and they may not take the quiet time they need to refuel and recharge. Both teachers and parents can help lay groundwork to keep kids reading over winter break, some for skill, some for fun.

How teachers can keep kids reading over winter break

  • Send home a scavenger hunt or bingo card to use with a pleasure reading book of their choice. Have students find themes, archetypes or other details in a story. Have students compare their findings in January.things to do blanketfort
  • Encourage students to use their public library or school login to check out OverDrive eBooks. Maybe encourage them to make a blanket fort and read in it.
  • Ask students to choose a book with a movie version, read and watch both and come prepared to discuss the differences and their preferences at the beginning of term.

How parents can keep kids reading over winter break

  • Let kids read holiday cards that arrive in the mail, or write a message in outgoing cards. Have kids to write their thank you notes while it’s still 2016.
  • read to elf on a shelfEncourage kids to read aloud to company. Grandparents or even pets are great audiences. The Elf on the Shelf makes a the perfect, if creepy, captive audience.
  • Give at least one book as a gift, even if it is a family book, or a picture book for older children. Exclamation Mark by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld is a perfect choice.

Did we miss any ideas to keep kids reading over holiday break? Let us know in the comments.