The ball has dropped and the calendar has, once again, turned over as we welcome in a new year. People all around the world will begin their “New Year’s Resolutions” this week and one of the more popular one is to “read more books.” The recent updates to your new OverDrive experience are designed to help your staff help your users do just that. The website is designed to be the fastest way for new readers to go from discovering your content to enjoying a new digital book, instantly.

To make sure your staff has the tools to meet the needs of your readers both new and old, we’ve updated our marketing kits and training resources to set you up for success in 2017. You can download social media graphics and printable materials in the Resource Center’s Marketing & Outreach Digital Resources tab. We also create new templates monthly so be sure to check back often. Additionally, we have live and on-demand training webcasts to keep your whole staff up to speed on what’s new.

If you have questions about what has changed with the new OverDrive experience or want to share with users an overview of what’s new, we recommend checking out OverDrive Help. There is an informative article titled “What’s the new OverDrive and what features does it have?” This includes a bulleted list of enhancements and a short instructional video.

New Year, New You collections


A helpful way to help your patrons stick to their resolutions is to create a curated collection of titles designed to keep them on track. If their resolution is, in fact, to read more often than this list will help them two-fold. We’ve created a sample collection that you can work off of here but the options are endless. Here are just a few ideas you can use:

  • Healthy living cookbooks
  • Money saving and investment solutions for the new year
  • “Lose the Clutter” collection of books about life organization
  • Fitness books designed to help motivate readers get in better shape (Our very Own Jill Grunenwald wrote a memoir about this that’s now available!)
  • Mental health and stability collection of books designed to improve your mind

The great thing about creating these curated collections is that, thanks to the New OverDrive, you have complete control over what collections you want to feature on your website. It’s as simple as logging into OverDrive Marketplace and tapping the “Curate” button. With these simple and effective tools you can help your users stick to their resolutions now matter what they’re hoping to achieve.