How many books were published in 2016? The exact count seems to vary among sources, but it’s safe to say that hundreds of thousands of new titles were born last year. That’s A LOT of books! As a librarian, it’s a tough task staying up on of all of the latest and greatest titles, especially now that patrons have access to publication release dates at their fingertips. It’s easy (though no less embarrassing) to occasionally miss a big title. And you can bet that enthusiastic patrons waiting to read the next book from their favorite author will catch an overlook from even the most veteran of book buyers.

eHighlights feature hot new titles

In order to stay ahead of those eager readers, our Staff Librarians have created and refined a catalog featuring the eHighlights—those hot, new titles you’d hate to miss. Combing through starred reviews in School Library Journal, Library Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, Kirkus, and Horn Book, we gather the newest titles all in one place. We keep up with trends, scour the news, and report on print run to ensure you’re aware of what’s coming and what’s popular.

Interested in just Adult titles? Or are you a children’s selector or even purchase for a school? We’ve got you covered in all areas. Keep an eye out for special editions, too, where we spotlight titles for international libraries or highlight trends and cover popular formats and genres including audiobooks, comics & graphic novels, or indie titles.

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