San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) has long been forward thinking in regards to bringing in new users through their OverDrive digital content. They were one of the first libraries to use OverDrive Media Stations to promote their digital collections through their “Connect at Central” space in their main library branch as well as at their local airport. They were also one of the first libraries to engage young readers through the use of our eReading Rooms for Kids and Teens. Now they’re are it again by creating the first ever teen-curated digital reading list.

In their news release, SAPL shares how one of their teen volunteers, Cecelia Gonzalez, has taken her love of reading to the next level by creating a collection of books that they’ve shared on their OverDrive-powered website. Thanks to OverDrive’s easy curating tools, they were able to instantly get Cece’s picks up at their website.

“At the San Antonio Public Library, teens play an active role in crafting their library experience,” said Jennifer Velasquez, Teen Services Coordinator for the San Antonio Public Library. “Fostering opportunities for teens to be involved in the creation of library services such as Cecelia’s digital display moves forward the library’s mission of teen participation – and helps inspire teens to be leaders and decision makers at their library.”

This is a wonderful example of how curating content can get young readers involved at the library. Try asking your social media followers for their favorite books and make an “Our followers picks” type of a list. Libraries have been offering staff picks for years but SAPL offers a wonderful example that shows you can get your community involved in the curating fun! Be sure to share with us some of your favorite collection ideas in the comments or on social media.