By: Rickie Mascia, OverDrive Social Media Specialist.

OverDrive has partnered with Kodansha Advanced Media (KAM) and VIZ Media, the two bestselling manga publishers to provide hundreds of translated (English) manga titles to libraries in North America.

Kodansha Advanced Media (KAM), is offering 50% off newly-added titles through February 28th! KAM focuses on the digital distribution and promotion of premier English-language manga, including bestsellers Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail. The majority of titles are English translations from original Japanese editions published by its Tokyo-based parent company.

VIZ Media features a wide variety of its most popular digital manga (graphic novel) titles at participating libraries including popular titles Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, One-Punch Man and many more. Home to blockbusters Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon, VIZ Media displays an extensive library of titles and original content offering 30% off their full catalog through Feb.13th.

Once you have curated your selection of popular Manga titles make sure to customize a “Discovering Manga” collection list to display on your homepage to help your patrons discover new Magna.