stairway professional developmentEducators are requesting more Professional Development in edTech. In a 2016 survey with ASCD, OverDrive found that educators identified two major themes the responses about the PD they desired to be successful with digital content. They felt the PD should be a hands-on how-to, differentiated, ideally with facilitators who have already successfully implemented the technology in their own classrooms. Second, they were looking for training, ideas, and examples on how best to smoothly integrate the digital content or technology into their instruction, curriculum, or both.

1) Extensive list of Professional Development titles

OverDrive’s extensive catalog of titles is ideal for an all staff read, prior to an in-service day. Digital delivery lets teachers complete the reading ahead of time, and bring the same materials to the course. A depth of titles and unlimited access also means that teachers will be able to find the resources they need when following a more self-directed approach. Beyond our traditional PD topics, we offer a large selection of classroom culture titles, essential for inclusion.

2) Monthly webcasts and partner webinars

OverDrive webcasts are offered the second week of each month. Tuesday features topics on Marketplace and Wednesday examines the user experience. Webcasts give teachers the freedom to pursue professional development at their own convenience. Besides direct training modules, we partner with organizations like ASCD and SLJ throughout the year to provide webinars on digital learning and to highlight successes in our partner schools. Check out our K-12 staff training page for a preview of some of the recent topics we’ve covered and register for what’s coming up.

3) Customized training for partners

OverDrive offers customized, tailored specifically to a school’s needs. We can design a training session based on your desired time and length, topic or combination of topics and group size. We also strive to demonstrate using your accounts—Marketplace and your school digital website—so you get the experience that most closely resembles your own. Questions can be submitted upfront to ensure that we are covering everything you need.