By: Christina Samek, OverDrive Marketing Specialist

Yes, yours. OverDrive’s Resource Center was created with our partners in mind. We wanted it to be your one-stop-shop for all things OverDrive: the best of our marketing, collection development, training and product resources. We are coming up on the anniversary of it’s launch and hopefully you are familiar with our offerings. If not or if perhaps you need a refresh, here’s how the Resource Center can help you have the best year of OverDrive service yet!

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion
In our Marketing and Outreach section you’ll find customizable print pieces, digital resources like social media graphics and videos, communication templates for press releases and newsletters, and programming ideas (including my personal favorite ’eBooks on tap’ which combines beer and books!). Promotion is key to driving usage at your OverDrive site!

If you are looking for new and engaging pieces to keep your users coming back for more, check out our ’What’s New’ section. We update this section regularly with seasonal options and fun, creative ideas to capture user interest, young and old. Right now, our 2 x 6 ‘Did you Know’ Bookmarks are excellent for display and distribution at your library! Alert your users to some of best features digital books offer.

Get on the Training Train
In our Staff Training section, we make your professional development days and staff training events a breeze with our on-demand, always available User Experience and Marketplace training sessions. Whether you are watching from the comforts of your home or in a large group, these sessions all hover around 20 minutes or less. They cover everything from using your website, the OverDrive app, shopping in Marketplace, understanding Placemark reports, to Screenreaders & OverDrive, and more!

We also offer live, special webcasts covering a variety of topics. Up next, join us for our OverDrive Basics series! Register now.

If you are booked that day, don’t worry. We archive all of our special sessions and basics series in our Past Webcasts section.

Develop that Collection
Our Collection Development section includes helpful information and links out to OverDrive Marketplace where you’ll do your shopping and purchasing.

But, if you struggle like I do, shopping is hard! It’s hard to know exactly what your users want or need in your OverDrive collection. Our dedicated team of on-staff librarians have taken the pressure off with our popular, much-loved Recommended Lists. They’ve curated a variety of lists covering an eclectic and wide range of topics, that link out to Marketplace where you can review and purchase. Easy-peasy!

My personal favorite is the ’Trending Topics’ set which currently features sheet music from Hal Leonard, the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge, Adult Picture Books, and more.

Also available in from Collection Development: our monthly eHighlights catalog! Check it out for a guide to the hottest and newest titles available from OverDrive.

Our Product Information section is where you’ll find all our format information, features, product enhancements and FAQs–basically your OverDrive product snapshot. It’s a great reference if you are looking to add more to your current OverDrive website experience. Our features section highlights free additions you can add at any time.

I always recommend OverDrive ReadBox. It’s an easy and engaging way to highlight your OverDrive content. It allows you to embed OverDrive Samples from any website or social media.

As you’ve probably guessed, your Resource Center has a lot to offer. Check it out today and tune into the blog regularly as we spotlight some of our favorite resources and features.