By: Adam Sockel, Marketing & Communications Specialist and co-host of the Professional Book Nerds podcast.

OverDrive Help is a wonderful resource for library users who are looking for FAQs, getting started guides or simply want to learn something new about your digital library services. Readers can do a quick search to get articles about countless topics from how to Recommend titles to the library to how to return a title before it’s due date. OverDrive Help is a one-stop shop for your patrons to get their questions answered but it’s also a useful tool your library can use to increase awareness of your digital collection. Here are four ways your staff can use OverDrive Help.

Highlight a different device each week
On your library’s homepage consider doing a weekly feature like “How to borrow eBooks using an iPad” and link to our getting started guide for iPads. The next week you can do a post featuring Kindle Fires and on down the line. In each post, link to the OverDrive Help article for that device with a note that says, “You can find getting started help for any device anytime on OverDrive Help.

Promote different OverDrive features on social media
You may know that OverDrive Read and Listen enables your users to access eBooks and audiobooks in their browser without needing to download any apps of files but do all of your patrons? By picking different features to highlight you’re showing your users all the ways they can interact with your digital library.

Quick Troubleshooting answers for supporting users
Under the “Categories” tab on the OverDrive Help homepage you’ll find an option for Troubleshooting. This provides help articles for any issue readers may come across, broken down by operating system. This is a handy page to have available to anyone taking phones call or emails from users who have questions about OverDrive. Keeping this page up when these calls come in is a great way to talk readers through their questions quickly.

Training your staff
OverDrive’s Training Team offers live monthly webcasts and on demand recordings that are perfect for keeping your staff well versed in all things digital library. In the event that a staff librarian just a has a quick question they need answered they can always search OverDrive Help for their answers. This is a took designed to help readers and staff members alike!