By: Adam Sockel, co-host of the Professional Book Nerds podcast

Libraries. They are a pillar of our communities. A safe haven for readers both young and old. An escape from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. A gateway to not just knowledge, but to librarians who can help you find the right knowledge. They’re a place where you can get business development assistance, find the perfect book for your vacation, get help building out a resume, join a reading program and so much more. Libraries are where we first fell in love with reading. They’re the very basis of our company’s existence and we fervently believe in their importance. In short, they are essential.

While we celebrate libraries every day, this week is National Library Week, giving us even more incentive to show off our #LibraryLove. We aren’t alone in appreciating the importance of libraries, of course. On our podcast, The Professional Book Nerds, we’ve asked a number of authors their thoughts on libraries. These are some of our favorite responses.

  1. Sunil Yapa

National Library Week Sunil Yapa.jpg

  1. Jewell Parker Rhodes

National Library Week Jewell Parker Rhodes.jpg

  1. Chelsea Sedoti

National Library Week Chelsea Sedoti.jpg

  1. Brad Meltzer

National Library Week Brad Meltzer.jpg

  1. Marie Bendict

National Library Week Marie Benedict.jpg

  1. James Patterson

National Library Week James Patterson.jpg

  1. Kate Elliott

National Library Week Kate Elliott.jpg

  1. David Levithan

National Library Week David Levithan.jpg

  1. Matthew Quick

National Library Week Matthew Quick.jpg

  1. Nathan Hill

National Library Week Nathan hill.jpg