By: Rickie Mascia, OverDrive Social Media Specialist

Embrace your bookish habits and Get Caught Reading in your favorite place with your favorite characters. As many fellow readers know…the month of May features the Get Caught Reading Campaign, a time for readers across the nation to celebrate and share their love and admiration for all things literary (like libraries and their digital collections ? ). get caught reading

Originating in 1999, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) launched the campaign to remind readers of all ages that getting lost in a book is an experience to admire, embrace, and cherish. For obvious reasons, we whole heartedly support this message, not just in May but all year round.

Every reader has their own Wonderland, where they escape reality and dive deeply into a book where no distractions can take them away from their adventure. Inspired by the star studded collection that launched the campaign to encourage bookish people nationwide to capture their reading adventures, these 9 readers are Bookish, Literary, and Proud as they join the “Got Caught Reading” list.

1) THE OUTDOOR READERGet Caught Reading (1).jpg

2) THE ON-THE-GO READERGet Caught Reading (8).jpg

3) THE COMFORT READERGet Caught Reading (2).jpg

4) THE RETREAT READERGet Caught Reading (5).jpg

5) THE PORCH READERGet Caught Reading (9).jpg


Get Caught Reading (7).jpg

7) THE RELAXED READERGet Caught Reading(4).jpg

8) THE LESSONS LEARNED READER Get Caught Reading(3).jpg

9) THE SOCIAL READERGet Caught Reading (6).jpg

Take a break from reality and #GetCaughtReading…show the world you are Bookish, Literary and Proud!