The end of the school year *should* be an exciting time. Change in routine. Freedom. Quiet, finally. But for many educators, exhaustion comes first. Here’s a quick list of things you can do when you just. can’t. even. And some for when you regain your motivational footing.

Binge on brain candy

Who have you meaning to read for pleasure all year? Start there.
Check out authors with strong voice YA, to learn more about your students in a positive way. Our recent Professional Booknerds Podcast has a perfect example in an interview with Sarah Dessen, Episode #125.

Binge on escapism

Netflix? Hulu? Pick a show you were too busy to watch during the school year. We won’t tell if you lose an entire weekend.

Let yourself be a kid

Get outside for a hike
Catch fireflies
Take the plunge off the high dive at your local pool

Use the time gained from the break in weekly lesson planning to focus on yourself

Create a self-care lesson plan for the summer.
Reflect and look ahead. What went well last year? What would you change? How do you want to arrive at the first day of school in August?

Give yourself permission to be the student

Take cooking lessons. Or sailing. Or coding. Or….
Learn to play a new instrument or Minecraft
Learn a technology platform just for fun (did we mention Minecraft?)

Plan a trip or staycation

Stay or go? Only you know.

Volunteer outside your district, library or community

Welcome perspectives from students besides your own
Examine the differences in benefits, challenges and resources in different neighborhoods


Pick a lesson plan from your own portfolio and try it. Challenge yourself; surprise your students by setting the example.

Do something that scares you

Again, only you know.


Pick something off your to-do list that kept falling to the bottom during the school year. Do it first.

Need more ideas?

Check out our self-care books for more ideas for yourself and for your classroom in the fall.