OverDrive Library+School Sharing

As we constantly seek new ways to bring new users to the library, OverDrive is helping public libraries partner with their local school districts. By creating digital partnerships with local schools, public libraries can engage students, parents and educators on all the great programs available to them. Additionally, this partnership increases circulation while developing lifelong library users.

OverDrive has supported Library+School Sharing in a number of communities across the country since 2015 with safe and proven technology. With an increased focus on reaching more readers in your community and maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of both library and school programs, we’re calling attention to the success of the program and encouraging more libraries and schools to join forces. By connecting libraries and schools through a shared digital collection, public libraries can maximize the ROI of existing eBook and audiobook titles for all readers while also saving funds for the community through shared resources.

As the leading digital reading platform for libraries and schools, OverDrive has a variety of ways to help maximize the success of Library & School Sharing.

  • Authentication: We offer a range of authentication options for login using student IDs or library cards.
  • Collection Development: OverDrive also continues to provide collection development assistance and analysis, designing supplemental collections for students and classes as needed.
  • Search filters: This collaboration enables schools to add content for their curriculum when needed while filtering and catalog organizational tools make it easier for students to find appropriate content.
  • User Interface options: Libraries and schools can use OverDrive’s Advantage or eReading Room models to safely separate children’s materials.
  • All for free: This service is available at no extra cost to the library or schools and creates a perfect opportunity to promote dialogue between two important pillars within the community.

For more information on this exciting new opportunity, contact your OverDrive Collection Development Specialist, and be sure to visit OverDrive at the American Library Association Annual Conference this weekend in booth #1834.