By: Christina Samek, Marketing Specialist.

I am a huge fan of bright colors. I love pops of red, blue, and green. My design aesthetic is very much the brighter the better because that’s what catches the eye! And that’s the exact approach we took with our brand NEW school fliers. We’ve introduced fun new themes like school supplies, a new elementary school option, and my personal favorites: a suite focused on the idea that adventure begins with eBooks and audiobooks…that adventure begins for all of us when we start reading.

The ‘Adventure’ fliers feature outer space, a lovable dragon, and a pirate’s treasure map! These are great options to feature in your school library and around school to catch your younger students’ eyes. You could also send these home with parents (who love adventure too!)




Our new elementary flier is similar to our existing school suite but we’ve added brighter colors and more age appropriate jacket covers featuring some of our most popular content. Note, we can swap out any jacket cover by request on any of the print pieces you see on the Resource Center.

elementary option.jpg

Lastly, our school supplies flier is geared toward all readers in your school community! Everyone needs school supplies when heading back for a brand new year.


Download them from the Resource Center, today!