*Caution: Minor spoilers for the season finale of Game of Thrones are ahead. If you aren’t caught up, turn away now*


The season 7 finale of Game of Thrones has come and gone and now, much like The Wall itself, our heart has a massive hole in it. For the past several weeks, our Sunday evenings (and admittedly our Monday mornings) have been all about the Song of Fire and Ice phenomenon brought to us by HBO and the great George R.R. Martin. Winter may have arrived in Westeros but with rumors floating around that we’ll need to wait two full years to see how the game will end, we’re left with a dragon sized void that needs to be filled. We’re sure many of your readers feel the same way so we’ve created a Game of Thrones Read-Alikes list to help pass the time while we wait. We’re sure many people will use this time to dive back into the books that inspired Game of Thrones (our Professional Book Nerds included) but we’ve added plenty of other titles to the list for your readers as well.



This collection features books from fantasy giants like Brandon Sanderson, Victoria Aveyard, Patrick Rothfuss, N. K. Jemisin and, of course Mr. Martin himself. You’ll find hundreds of titles perfect for your users but in the event that you’re looking for even more than one curated list ideas, we’ve created some other fun options for you to use. Let us know if have come up with others as well.

  • Winter is coming – books with a winter setting or theme
  • A library user always pays his debts – Books about financial planning OR books with money as a central theme like The Wolf Of Wall Street or Arms and the Dudes
  • What is dead may never die – Books about Zombies
  • Nymeria, Ghost, Shaggydog and Lady – Books about dogs and wolves we love
  • Dracarys! – books about dragons
  • We Love Bron and Pod – books that feature your favorite side characters
  • Why is a Three Eyed Raven like a writing desk? – A mix of nonsense like Lewis Carroll, books about writing/publishing and books with birds in the title
  • The Wolf and the Dragon – Books about…well, wolves and/or dragons
  • A Girl Can Save Herself – books with strong female leads
  • For the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors – Horror books
  • Break the Wheel – books about leadership and innovation
  • Bend the Knee – Books about royalty
  • R + L = J – Books about families with secrets