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By: Adam Sockel, OverDrive Marketing Communications Specialist and resident Mr. Autumn Man.

Last week, the Autumnal Equinox arrived bringing with it thoughts of reading an eBook by the fireplace as leaves blow about outside. Kitchens will be filled with the smells of spiced breads and pumpkin flavored coffee while crockpots slow cook a hearty meal of vegetable stew. Or perhaps I’m just projecting my outlook for the next few months. Apologies everyone. Fall is kinda my thing…

While not everyone may share my overwhelming joy for gourds, crisp autumn weather and using the word “harvest” too much, what I know for certain is that fall brings a great opportunity to build out new curated collections in your digital library. Our Collection Development Librarians have several wonderful options for you.


Halloween Party
A staple of fall is the Halloween party. Whether you’re looking to throw a Monster Mash level get together or your prefer a quiet evening full of scary movies and relaxation, this list has cookbooks and crafting guides to help you throw a memorable evening. You’ll find books with design ideas for your home, how-to guides for costume make up, Halloween-themed dessert and meal preps and even a book of Pugs in Costumes because why not?

Cozy Mysteries for your autumn loving readers
Cozy mysteries are popular with readers all year round but as the weather starts to turn cooler, we tend to see an uptick in their circulation. This makes now a great time to curate a list of our Pumpkin Spiced Latte Cozy Mysteries.

New Fall Romance
Fall is also a big time for new romance titles and we have a great list nearly 100 new release romance titles for you to add to your collection.

Stephen King Read-Alikes
It may seem strange to say that the “King” of the adult horror genre is having a moment. With the massive popularity of the movie IT and several other of his books coming to the big screen, buzz has rarely been higher for all things Stephen King. In this list you’ll find all of his classic books but you’re readers will also discover dozens of similar themed titles by authors they might not be as familiar with.

Stranger Things Read Alikes
Speaking of having a moment, Stranger Things, or as I like to call it, “The greatest thing to happen to television in a decade” returns at the end of October. Millions of people will be watching which makes this list the perfect way to capitalize on it’s popularity with your readers.

Spooky Picks by the OverDrive Staff
Honestly, there are SO MANY spooktacular (not sorry) books available in OverDrive Marketplace so we took polled our OverDrive Librarians and made a list of our favorites.

Lists for your young readers
In Marketplace, you’ll find appropriate autumnal content for readers of all ages. These include collections loaded with Zombies and Paranormal spooks for your juvenile and young adult readers. Here’s a list of lighthearted fun scares perfect for the youngest of your library card holders. Also, as a baby of the 90s, I would recommend you add all of the Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine, of which we have many. They gave me constant nightmares as a child so it’s only right that we keep that tradition up!

Lastly, We have a broader Halloween Reads list for all your readers as well as well featuring 300 fantastic books.

Once you’ve created your autumnal curated collections be sure to visit our Resource Center where we have a number of marketing materials ready for you to print out and/or share on social media to promote these books.