By: Bailey Hotujac, School Launch Specialist.

Tips and tricks to make your life easier in a classroom or media center full of students with different needs, interests and reading levels.

Curating from Recommended Lists

So you want curate a list, but finding all those titles is just too time-consuming?  You can use our Recommended Lists to save you the time of searching.

  1. Go to the Recommended Lists and find your favorite list – I’m choosing the Newbery Award Medal and Honor Books (All Years)
  2. Open the list in Marketplace and make sure you have purchased any titles you want to curate.
  3. Once you own anything you want from the list (you might need to wait a couple hours if you just purchased the titles), go into the Marketplace List URL and replace the “OneCopyOneUserAndMeteredAccess” part of the URL with “curate.”
  4. You will now be in the curate section of Marketplace and any titles from the suggested list that you own will populate to be easily added to your new curated list!

Using Title Assignment Tool to Override Content Access Levels

Have a middle school student who you think can handle one of your high school titles, but you don’t want to change the access level for everyone? You can assign* the title to that student and override the access levels!

*Note – Privacy restrictions for some authentication methods do not support this functionality. Talk to your Account Specialist if you have questions about this feature.

Setting reports to run from “inception”

Want to run a report from the beginning of your OverDrive service, but you don’t remember the exact date? Have no fear! Just click on the “run new report” option and select “specific” for the period type. If you leave “start date” and “end date” blank… your report will pull data for all time!

Search by BISAC Codes

As you’re shopping in Marketplace, you may see BISAC codes included with the regular subjects next to a title. You can copy & paste those BISAC codes into the quick search bar (top) in Marketplace to look for similar titles.