By: Christina Samek, Marketing Specialist.

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month and OverDrive is proud to offer reading solutions for every kind of reader.

OverDrive is the only US eBook provider to offer the dyslexic font option as a reading setting. OverDrive users can select this option in OverDrive’s app, Libby, browser-based OverDrive Read, and at their OverDrive website to ensure reading comfort as they focus on finding and enjoying their next great read.

Dyslexic font is a digital-exclusive perk

Many readers report a preference for traditional books. But standard typefaces are often difficult to read for people with dyslexia. The letters are hard to differentiate and words tend to jumble together. These typefaces are featured in most eBooks, and ALL paper books. The dyslexic font, or dyslexie, is designed so that each letter is unique. Letters and words have extra distance between them to combat reversal and flipping of letters. Additionally, capital letters are bolder to help readers identify new sentences. The dyslexic font option in OverDrive joins a list of features geared toward reading inclusion or as we like to say: “reading happiness.”



Download and print OverDrive’s Dyslexia Awareness materials at the Resource Center to promote the ease of use that comes with OverDrive eBooks. While you are there, check out our Fall Marketing Kit as well! Show off your library’s goodness this October to encourage users to fall into their next read and fall in love with reading!

Diverse resources for unique learning needs

Readers of digital books benefit from more than just dyslexic font. Audiobooks and ReadAlongs help English Language Learners practice their skills efficiently and playfully. Not to mention the obvious usefulness of audiobooks for students with visual challenges.

There are privacy issues that we support as well. Since eBooks don’t have a cover, students can feel comfortable exploring topics they’d rather not advertise to teachers and peers. Struggling and accelerated readers can read or listen at their own pace, without worry about judgment of working ahead or working toward grade level. The student gains agency with the personalized learning plans possible with eBooks, following their interests and working within their unique learning style.