By: Sydney Kalnay, Training Specialist.

When I worked at a school, I wanted one thing every holiday season: time. By the time winter break rolled around, I was always knee-deep in ungraded essays, next semester’s lesson plans, and end of the year requests for volunteer hours, and I was left with little or no time for myself. (Did I mention that we renewed our professional certifications every January? Sigh.)

While I rarely wished for a complete change of pace — for me, it was always harder to get back into a routine after stopping completely than if I just slowed my pace — I did wish that my tasks took up less of my precious free time.

With that knowledge in hand, we at OverDrive want to give you the most meaningful gift we can this year: more time.

If you need to brush up on a skill, learn a new workflow, or complete some self-directed professional development time, our free monthly webcast series and on-demand training modules will deliver the information you need in the time you have.

Shopping for Titles in Marketplace

On December 11th at 3:30 PM (EST) join us for our live webcast, Shopping for Titles for your K-12 Website. Our OverDrive experts will demonstrate easy, time-saving tips, Marketplace shopping shortcuts, and ways to lean on your OverDrive specialists for your spending, curating, and budgetary needs — all in 30 minutes! Register for this session today.

Student User Experience

Then, we kick off the New Year with an overview of the OverDrive Student User Experience, walking you through the school digital library website and OverDrive Read and Listen from the perspective of a student user. Join us on January 22nd at 3:30 PM (EST).

On-demand Modules

Can’t attend a live session? Check out some of our short recorded modules on OverDrive Marketplace features, such as Reporting, Assigning Titles to Students, Understanding Lending Models, and more. We have modules around the student user experience, too, including how to enjoy titles on a variety of devices, and even how to create and export any annotations you make in an eBook. You can also learn to discuss OverDrive with your entire school community, from admins to teachers, parents to students, with our How to Talk to Your School Community About OverDrive playback.

We know your time is short and we want to make the moments you spend with us meaningful. We hope you find everything you need in our live sessions or archived on the OverDrive Resource Center this holiday season. Thanks for spending your time with us!