The OverDrive Staff are as crazy about their pets as most people… so we asked some of them to compare their four-legged family members to book characters. Check out the dogs, too!


I can’t help but think of Maple when I see Mochi from Big Hero 6. He’s a fat, round, sweet cat who comes when he’s called, watches tv with his owner, and cuddles up with anyone who gives him attention (huge white robot included) – things that all make me think of my Maple. (Submitted by Karlee Reader, School Partner Services)













The intelligent and crafty Sophie Cat reminds her family of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. She is loyal and loving to her Mom, Dad, and sister, Goose. She is smart to be cautious around strangers, but once she feels comfortable, she wins over the hearts of everyone she meets. (Submitted by Lauren Bogotay, School Content Sales)













Phantom (called by her middle name, Jude, mostly) bears a striking resemblance to her namesake, Erik from The Phantom of the Opera. She was once a stray kitten wondering the streets. Found at three months old, she quickly appeared to show her mysterious half black face but would slide back into the darkness as soon as anyone came near. Once she was captured, she quickly warmed up and soon became a loving companion. She does resort back to her darkness now and then but lets you know she is there for some love and affection. (Submitted by Abbie Frank, Library Partner Services)













I was surprised to find another catator by the name of Chairman Meow in City of Bones.  Both are loyal and friendly cats – though my Chairman loves her food too much to be described as tiny. (Submitted by Ari Egri, Business Systems)














Belle Berkovitz Levine always reminds me of Julia Child in My Life in France. Like Julia, Belle is loyal and never gives up on her quest for good food. (Submitted by Marla Levine, Library Content Sales)













This is Spike. Spike reminds me of Skippyjon Jones. He is hiding it well and will not admit it, but like Skippyjon Jones, he imagines that he is a dog. I am not sure if it is also a chihuahua; I’m pretty sure he thinks he is a big dog. He waits at the door, likes a belly rub, and constantly wants attention. And like Skippyjon Jones, he is always getting into mischief!  (Submitted by Lisa Mullins, School Partner Services)