Fire and Fury, the instant #1 bestseller by Michael Wolff about the current White House administration, is having quite a moment in the zeitgeist. After selling out its first printing of 150,000 copies, readers around the world are struggling to find copies of the enormously popular book. Macmillan is currently working through backorders for another one million physical copies. Finding a physical copy of the book is nearly impossible, as we’re sure your wait lists and holds numbers can attest to.

To help meet demand, libraries are turning to their OverDrive digital collection, purchasing copies of Fire and Fury through Marketplace. Adding digital copies of a book in high demand is the best way to satisfy your community’s reading desires, especially when the book is being discussed in our culture as frequently as this one is. Waiting for physical copies means allowing weeks or possibly months for shipping and then also going through the process of cataloging and shelving them. Purchasing digital copies through OverDrive Marketplace ensures that your patrons will have access to the title in under 24 hours.

Once you purchase your copies, be sure to curate the title so it’s featured in your collection and consider adding the OverDrive Readbox sample on your library’s main website so people can sample the book and know you have it in your collection.


*Fire and Fury is available in both eBook and audiobook formats.*